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Potts Inn Museum

Potts Inn Museum
15 East Ash Street

The Potts Inn was built in 1850's. It's one of the best preserved Stagecoach Stations on the Butterfield Overland mail route between Memphis to Forth Smith, Arkansas. Potts Inn served as Inn, an overnight Butterfield Stagecoach stops, a Post Office, way station, Indian agency, community gatherings and other Political events.

The white antebellum home was built between 1850-1858. It has 2 living room, a formal dining room, 5 bedroom, a large attic, and a separate kitchen. The house has a total of 9 fireplaces. Fully furnished w/ 1850's to early 1900's wood curbing furnitures and other decorative display. And more exhibits in the 5 cabins. Such as: Hat Museum, 1800's clothings, shoes and wedding gowns. Early 1900's Doctor's Office, Doll collection w/ USA First Ladies Inaugural gowns and Indian artifacts. The barn w/ old farming tools.

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