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Museum Of The Arkansas Grand Prairie

Museum Of The Arkansas Grand Prairie
921 East Fourth Street

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The museum tells the story of the people who pioneered Arkansas's emergence as the nation's leading rice state on a 500,000-acre tall-grass prairie and of the German settlers who gave the town of Stuttgart its name. Depicts the history of agriculture and pioneers who farmed the Grand Prairie and exhibits include historic farm equipment, pioneer life and duck hunting , waterfowlers exhibit and library, history of rice milling, crop dusting mini-theatre and fish farm exhibit; 20,000 square foot building with five out buildings; other highlights include the lights and sounds of the "Early Morning Duck Hunt on the Grand Prairie," a one-of-a-kind "Coat of Many Feathers," an 800-year-old duck effigy pottery by Native Americans, 500 award winning game calls, carvings of Waterfowl, antique decoy collection (62), Market Hunter Guns plus others and Waterfowl art.

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