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Maxine's Live


We are located in the historic downtown district of Hot Springs, Ar, nesteled within the Ozark national forest and surrounded by adorable boutiques, art galleries, bath houses and more. We’ve had a few owners throughout the years who’ve all put in their fair share of blood, sweat, and tears into making this music venue one of the best in the south. All music lovers and, like Maxine, lovers of this fabulous town come together here to watch some amazing talent, eat some killer food and toast craft beers and unique drinks into the night. Our venue attracts a diverse crowd consisting of all ages of, musicians, music lovers, artists, filmmakers, food and beer lovers, sports fanatics, poets, locals and out of towners looking to relax and unwind. We also cater to many musical tastes including indie, rock, pop, experimental, blues, jazz, metal, bluegrass, folk, and old country. We also have a monthly burlesque show. We are now a smoke -free venue but have a patio to accommodate our smokers with drinks in hand. We would very much appreciate you to like us on Facebook so you can be included in our Facebook updates and posts. You should also sign up for our email blast for all news and updates and most of all, our calendar for all up coming events and shows…

Hours of Operation:

M-F 5pm – 3am

Sat 5pm – 2am

Sun 12pm – 12am


Tyler Daniel

Thursday, June 14, 2018
Pretty cool looking place with a good atmosphere and nice aesthetics. Most of the staff was really Nice and the people there were all having a good time. Only 4 stars because one of the employees was slightly less reasonable and pleasant than the others.

Wendell McCollom

Friday, June 8, 2018
This place is awesome - great specials and food that trumps some of the more famous places in town. The atmosphere is unashamedly weird but welcoming. Also, Dakota and Haley (sp?) are the best, and the shows are a hoot! Will return for sure.

Steven Aydt

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
A kitschy dive that used to be a whorehouse filled with indifferent waitstaff. The doorman invited us to try "the best pizza in Hot Springs." After waiting 10 minutes at the bar, I ordered a pizza and was given a number card & settled in to visit with my wife. 45 minutes later, she asked the server where our pizza was and was told, "It's up next." It wasn't- this was simply a lie. At the one hour mark, during which no one came to our table to see if we wanted drinks, we asked for it to go and was told that it was in the oven. At 75 minutes, we were told by the doorman that a group of people had ordered seven pizzas and the oven could only accommodate two at a time. I asked him for a refund and he explained that he wasn't allowed to go 10 feet from the door to the bar to help me. No one had the honesty or customer service skills to tell us that the pizza would take over an hour when we ordered. After a long wait at the bar, I cancelled our order and was told, "But your pizza is next." When I insisted on a refund, I was treated like garbage. There was a lot of eye-rolling, rudeness, and exasperation. If you want to go to a dirty bar full of lies where service is non-existent, try Maxine's.


Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Walking downtown Hot Springs, this little dive bar has an outdoor patio, cheap happy hour drinks and a diverse crowd. If you’re looking for Coors Light, they are one of few places in HS that have it. A little dank and dirty but definitely an adventure waiting to happen here and friends to be made!

Leon Hess

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
One of the few "viable" options left for live entertainment in Hot Springs. I'm a beer drinker, and they have a decent selection of draft and bottles, plus a full bar for my lush friends. Depending on the band(s), it can be really awesome.

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