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Magic Springs Water and Theme Park

1701 E. Grand Avenue


James Scharnett

Monday, July 9, 2018
Go there on a regular. Wish they would open up a new water ride. There best ride has been down all season and that's a bummer hoping it will be open next year. It's amazing crowded there in the summer and they do have some staff there that they could probably replace. I've seen life guards in the kids area be very mean and rude to some children. I've even went as far as saying something to the life guard. I've had a few experiences there where it kinda upset me. One time we where exiting and they made me split up with my 3 year old who was in a stroller and let them go through a gate while I had to wait in a long line to exit. And when i said something to the gate guy he responded with "not my problem". But it is little things like that, that make me question management. Over all this has been the worst year of ever being at magic springs to the point the wife said we will probably not buy season passes next year.

Melissa Stone

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
My family worked hard to be able to buy our whole family season passes for the summer. We have 4 kids that have been dying to go. So we surprised them with season passes. Well someone broke into our car today, when back to eat lunch and all our stuff was stolen. Over $200 plus for what we were saving for back to school. They told us they couldn’t do a thing about it. Why with all the money y’all make ever year not have security cameras out in the parking lot????!! People work hard for their families to provide for them, and for us to be able to go to places like this just to get stolen from! I’m extremely upset. This needs to change!


Friday, June 29, 2018
Today me and my family went to the Magic Springs amusement park and we had a blast. The roller coasters were a blast and it was overall an amazing experience. The only bummer was that we were unaware that the amusement park and water park were on the same ticket and we happened to not bring our bathing suits, but it was a great experience!!! I totally recommend going to this park for either a mini vacation or a full on vacation! Plenty of fun. I also wish that the gauntlet was not closed but the X coaster was an amazing ride! Totally recommended!!! Oh and also there were a couple of rude employees but rather than that we had a blast!!! Thank y’all!

Jay Rush

Thursday, June 21, 2018
I've gone to this place almost every year with friends and family. I can still remember going even when I was younger. This place has amazing rides and the water park is always a must visit. I can't comment on the food or drinks, as I've always brought my own, but I don't hear too many people complain about the quality or price, considering it is a theme park, and they do hike prices for convenience. Overall, this place is great for kids and adults alike, plenty to see, plenty to do, and an unforgettable experience all around.

Erin James

Saturday, July 14, 2018
Extremely disappointed and won't return. We drove 3 hours to visit for the first time today. Got there to find one of the main attractions was closed. This was not listed anywhere that I could find on the website. Eager to hit the water after doing the coasters that were open, we changed clothes, stashed our stuff in a locker and headed to the water park. All but 3 slides require tubes & you'd want them for the lazy river/wave pool too. But wait, there's a catch-you have to pay $5 extra to rent the damn things! Again this was not stated anywhere in the water ride section on the website. We had already put our stuff away in the locker. There's no way I was making the trek back to get money for tubes. Why not just add the 5 bucks into the ticket price instead of making patrons carry money on them at a WATERPARK just so they can enjoy the attractions they already paid for. Then you'd have to lug the freaking tubes around all day and hope someone doesn't take them?! My boys are big enough to carry their own (not that we rented any) but what would a family with smaller children do? Decent park and rides but petty stuff like that is irritating. We won't be back.

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