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Hot Springs - Hot Springs National Park

101 Reserve Avenue

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Hot Springs National Parkis the America's first national preserve predates Yellowstone by some 40 years. A film and exhibits in the Fordyce Bathhouse Visitors Center located on historic Bathhouse Row tell how a remarkable array of thermal springs in a valley of the Ouachita Mountains prompted Congress to protect the area in 1832. Today it’s one of the top weekend getaway destinations in the Ouatchitas. Learn how the town of Hot Springs earned a reputation as “The American Spa.” Thermal baths and massages are available on the Row at the Buckstaff Bathhouse, the Ozark Bathhouse and Spa, and at other locations.The park also offers scenic drives and a campground.Features more than 30 miles of hiking trails through the glorious Ouachita Mountains, scenic drives, hot water cascade, picnic areas and campsites (no hookups or showers). Thermal-features tours in summer.


Ryan Otte

Monday, March 26, 2018
Among the 59 sites designated National Parks to date, this one is so far my least favorite by a pretty good margin. That being said, the National Park Service does its job to present the place in a professional manner and as accurately/historically as possible. I suppose the major drawback to me is the scale and the primary function of the park. The scale of the park is small, the smallest among the National Parks. The primary basis of the park seems to be rooted in human history, not natural history or wilderness as in essentially all the other parks. Now, Hot Springs National Park isn't as much of an oddball as it might first appear. Other parks in the system certainly do include a human history component to them, but Hot Springs seems to have much more of its focus on the human history, which puts it squarely in the National Historic Site category in my opinion. Then again, it was designated a National Park many years ago, so that isn't likely going to change. The high points for your trip would certainly include the bath houses, which are certainly beautiful, but for the natural history lovers do not miss the Grand Promenade, where the hot springs flow from the hillsides. These springs produce some great scenes of steamy streams among a forested backdrop. The picnic area nearby the hot spring pools at the north end of Central Ave was a great place to cook up breakfast among the steamy springs (we had a backpacking cook set with us). The scenic drive up into some of the Ouachita Mountains was a nice time, with scenic views of Arkansas countryside. All in all, I can't rate it very low, since I love all the National Parks so far, and this was a great diversion on the way to the south west USA.

Kassandra Acuña

Thursday, March 15, 2018
We really enjoyed our time in Hot Springs but going to the top of the mountain is just beautiful! You can see the city below and all of the mountains in the distance! The birds flying around is breathtaking. There are #s you can call that will give you information too. There is also a viewing tower at the top that you can go to and go up even higher for a better view but they do charge per person. I recommend grabbing a coffee or a snack and sitting up at the top on the north loop and taking in the nature!

Josh Mize

Tuesday, May 15, 2018
I loved seeing the area, however there was no parking to be had. We drove several blocks looking for street parking also attempted the parking garage near the site but all for nothing. Very much enjoyed the drive up the mountain and the overlook area. The tower I felt was to pricey for a family of 8, but as I said before the area was beautiful.

Toffet Vii

Monday, Feb. 26, 2018
This is a fun place. I came for the hot springs, and they are really nice. Stop by a bath house and take a dip in the rejuvenating waters. There are great trails if you like the outdoors. I was surprised at how fun the shopping was, there are some great shops in fantastic historic buildings. I skipped some of the touristy sites, the gangster museum, the wax museum, etc, but I heard good things. If your thinking about going here, you won't be disappointed.

Gwynn Carpenter

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Majestic Bakery is gluten-free. Atmosphere is laid back, 40-50's era decor complete with Big Band music playing in the back ground and waitress in cute white aprons with white cuffs and labels. Good food but on the small portion size. Dessert was tasty and eye appealing.

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