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Four States Auto Museum

Four States Auto Museum
217 Laurel Street

Welcome to Four States Auto Museum online, where our Mission Statement is: To celebrate the automobiles and technology of the past. The Museum serves as an educational and research model for everyone to enjoy.

The Four States Auto Museum is a non-profit educational corporation, as chartered by the state of Arkansas. It was founded to preserve, collect, exhibit (including operate) and interpret a collection of automobiles, auto transportation equipment, related historical artifacts, documents, and photographs. The collection of artifacts includes automobiles and auto equipment, archival materials and objects related to autos and automotive history. Materials, equipment and objects of significance to Texarkana and the Four-States area are of particular interest.

The Museum collects and maintains a library and archive collection which is available to the public for research. It fosters an enhanced public awareness of the influence of autos and automotive transportation on the cities and the nation and helps explore the sociological, logistical and developmental impacts that this new mobility had on America.

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