DeGray Lake Resort State Park

2027 State Park Entrance Road

DeGray Lake Resort State Park is Arkansas’s only resort state park. Set in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains and nestled along the north shore of 13,800-acre DeGray Lake, one of the region’s five Diamond Lakes known for their crystal clear waters, DeGray offers all the outdoor adventure and quality of an Arkansas State Park combined with resort class amenities. DeGray is a fishing and water sports paradise, a golf resort, the ideal camping spot and the perfect location for family vacations, getaways, reunions, weddings, business meetings and retreats. 


Gustavo GarcĂ­a

Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2017

Beautiful landscape. I spent 5 days in YURT #3, it has a great view of the lake. All the facilities that I used were clean (the cleanest park that I've been so far). Also the rental options are excellent from a kayak all the way to a party boat. If you are looking for getaway I would recommend this park.

Farm Wiki Hub

Monday, Dec. 11, 2017

Great Place to stay and hangout at. It was such an amazing experience their last weekend with my family at one of their tipis to stay at. Their was a beach lake shore line with a bunch of stuff to do around with your kids. Their was also wooded areas where you could do a campfire or grill. The outside has many features including; -a propane grill (already has propane) -A ground grill/campfire -Regular charcoal grill -Sitting area -Big Porch -really cool views outside -bunch of really fascinating trees Facilities include; -Lobby -Gift store / Store -Public Restroom -Public Showers (Really nice hot water also very clean) -Parking at each area

Lindsey McKenzie

Thursday, Dec. 21, 2017

Went on a short weekend. We loved everything about this place. The rooms were clean and the view was stunning. The breakfast buffet is great. Also the staff were very helpful. We will return again.

donna garrett

Monday, Nov. 27, 2017

Beautiful place. Clean resort and friendly staff. Restaurant has good food. Good trails nearby that range from easy to moderate. Park rangers have programs on weekends that are informative and fun for kids and adults.

Stefanie Greene

Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017

This year is my family's 3rd time to come camp and lodge at DeGray Lake. My in-laws stay at the lodge and my husband and our 2 children stay in our RV. Everything is absolutely beautiful. You can take a sunset cruise or rent your own boat to explore the lake. It's absolutely beautiful. This place has a nostalgic feeling. The restaurant is decent with a great Buffet breakfast served on weekend's. I forgot to mention the 1hr long horseback riding trail. They also have a golf course, which we have never utilized but looks beautiful. If your looking for a great family friendly place for the weekend , DeGray Lake Resort is a must! Staff is very friendly and helpful as well. :)