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Wild Wilderness Drive-Through Safari

Wild Wilderness Drive-Through Safari
20923 Safari Road

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Over 180 acres have now been developed into a park setting.  The Safari has  expanded to include petting areas where visitors can interact with pygmy goats and kangaroos.  Other areas of the park include enclosed pens of  porcupines, cavies, exotic birds, primates, and zebras.  In the drive-through area, tigers, leopards, and lions may be found along with bears and hoofed  animals including cape buffalo, American bison, longhorn cattle, wildebeests, camels, antelope, and numerous species of deer.  There is also a hippopotamus  who has the pleasure of his own pond. Ostriches and emus also roam the park.

First time visitors are in for a pleasant surprise to  find such a beautiful animal park in a small town  nestled in the Ozarks.  The Safari is open 365 days a year.  In the spring, many school groups visit the  park with bus-loads of excited children.  Weekends  typically bring families who spend a pleasurable day playing with the animals and having a picnic.  Be  sure to plan your visit soon, and bring your camera  to snap pictures to show your friends and co-workers!

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