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Tiny Town Trains

Tiny Town Trains
374 Whittington Avenue

Completely animated not just the trains  ferris wheel  barn 

Dancers   farmer plowing   indians on warpath  building a house

Rocking firemen roaming deer  sawmill  airplane circling  airport

Much more  100's of moving parts

Most of tiny town was hand made by the the moshinskie family 

From  recycled  aluminum foil   toothpicks   coathangers sawdust 

Tin cans  weeds 95% was handmade  - most expensive piece cost $4

- boys love the trains  of course

- girls think they are in a doll house

- adults appreciate the years of handcrafted work

- 4.5 stars from yahoo travel  

- come and see why we were on the jay leno as most interesting Persons in Arkansas 

- In our 51st year in hot springs, Arkansas

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