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Marked Tree Delta Area Museum

Marked Tree Delta Area Museum
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The Marked Tree Delta Area Museum had its beginnings in 1992 when a group of interested area residents met to discuss the possibility of preserving our heritage and history in a formal way. This small group of people continued to meet over the next few months and organized themselves as the Marked Tree Historical Society. In Febraury of 1993 this group voted to name the future museum it envisioned at the Marked Tree Delta Area Museum. This was shortly followed by a formal legal structure being established called the Tri-City Area Cultural Council, Inc. Whose purpose would be to serve as an umbrella organization for groups established to preserve our culture, arts, history, heritage, etc.

In May of 1993, the first public week long exhibit was held in a downtown location as part of Arkansas Heritage week. This first exhibit of historical items encuraged area residents and schoolchildren to become aware of and interested in preserving our past. Following the week long exhibit, the MTHS held its first luncheon with guest speaker, Patrick Zollner of the Arkansas Preservation Association. In 1994, a second luncheon was held with the curator, Glenda Gann, of ASU Museum present as guest speaker. In July of 1994, the museum opened its first permanent exhibit in its temporary museum location on the second floor of the Marked Tree Library.

In October of 1994, the Tri-City Area Cultural Council, Inc. recveived its recognition as an Exempt Organization from the IRS, thus allowing formal fund raising to begin for its present and future museum. In November of 1994 our initial fund drive was held and a Depression Night Event was held with Dr. Jeannie Whayne, Poinsett County Historian from the U of A as its guest speaker. In January of 1995, land was donated for the site of the permanent museum building which is on Frisco Street, adjacent to the First United Methodist Church Parsonage. In November of 1995, our medical/business museum opened in a temporary location on Frisco St.

The contents of the old Verser Hospital in Harrisburg were donated to the Museum in early 1995, and the opening oa a second eshibit area specializing in medical and business occurred on nov. 11th, 1995 in a Frisco St. location next to Schonberger's Department Store.

In 1997, a small servant house circa 1915, was moved onto the museum site and the restoration process begun.

In December 1997, with the assistance of a loan from USDA/Rural Development, groundbreaking for a new museum building took place. The new museum building was designed by architect Hardy Little III. The facade of the new building replicate the front of the old E. Ritter General Store.

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