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Cosmic Cavern

6386 Highway 21 North

Cosmic Cavern is one of Arkansas' hidden treasures. You will see 2 bottomless cave lakes during your 1hr and 15 minute tour. The first lake, South Lake, has had trout in it for nearly 50 years. Some trout have gone blind and most have lost their color. The bottom or end of these lakes have yet to be found.

Come see our newly discovered area, "Silent Splendor". Silent Splendor has been hailed as a must see in Arkansas. Silent Splendor houses one of the longest soda straw formations in the Ozarks measuring over an incredible 9 feet!

Don't forget your camera! There are several photo opportunities throughout the cave.

The warmest cave in the Ozarks, 64 degrees and 96% humidity, so it feels warmer than it is!


Joshua Derksen

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
This cave is worth the money. (I believe it came to $34 for two adults) We spent about an hour underground. Very informative guide told us a lot about the caves history and all the different types and kinds of formations. Some fairly steep steps, but overall nothing to treacherous. Mostly paved concrete walkways and wooden boardwalks to walk on.

Kay Hay

Friday, April 20, 2018
Our guide was Doug, an extremely funny and charming man, right from the beginning he made it a wonderful experience. He was very informative and knowledgeable. The whole cave was full of beauty and wonder. This was my second time coming here and I'm excited to say that even more of the cave has been cleared out for tours. I can't wait to come back in later years and see what they've done. This is a one of a kind experience, I encourage you to come see what I'm talking about(:

Kris Larsen

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Not a large cavern like Carlsbad but alive and still forming. You have to like going into caves to like this place. There are a couple of narrow and short gaps to get through. Also since it is still alive it is humid inside and you can get a little muddy and the stairs/ steps can be a little slippery but there are hand-rails to hold onto. If you have an infant/ child that you need to hold then you might want to rethink going. Tour guide was great. Lasts a little over an hour and you do a lot of walking and steps/stairs. The Santa looked more like the Jade Emperor to me. The Hardy Boys would love this place.

Julie Schmeiser

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
This wasn't my favorite cave but it was good for those first time cave people. The guide was really enthusiastic so she made it a fun trip! The best part is at the end of the trip the newest part of the cave. We couldn't get to close though because was really flooded. It was fun to see probably would not go back again but okay to see once.

Mister Giggledrops

Sunday, May 6, 2018
Very cool. Our guide made the tour for us. He really made the experience a memorable one. He seemed very knowledgeable and his humor was a perfect addition to our visit. Loved it!

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